is a personal blog which can show you the useful tips for games, geeker and other  dgital IT related information. All content will be writen by myself, there will be something wrong in the posts, i will be glad if my posts can help you in any way.

In a sense, I have to tell some things in advance, because the contents of my blog all by my production or writing, so if you need to reprint my content, please inform me in advance, and in the reproduced content to add My related information (original URL, author, etc). Of course, if my content violates your legal rights, please also inform me that I will delete the content as soon as possible.

I am an IT practitioner who does not like outdoor sports, and I spend about three hours a day playing games. Work time is always faced with some game-related information and I am involved in making some large AAA-level games. I hope my blog can show you some different game information and content. 2017