How to level up your RuneScape skills quickly

RuneScape is a very popular game which is played globally and is considered to be the best MMO game. It has two versions- the old RuneScape and the new RuneScape and you can play it on both on your mobile phone and PC. Playing it the mobile phone is considered to be an easy way and very convenient. But, it very important to level up quickly in this game if you want to play with better clans and become a member of it. You should also master many skills that will help you in the long run for your survival in this game.

How to level up the skills in the RuneScape game

You can come to youtube to search the skills level up videos that can help you learn more about the skills level up tips.

  1. Woodcutting: It might be considered as the basic skill but is still very essential when it comes to playing this game properly. You will be needing the logs in order to light up the fire as well as for cooking food. If the wood cutting is quite high then you can also cut down more trees and make some money. For this, you need to cut down all the normal trees in the beginning and sell these logs made from it at the market in Grand exchange and it will help you to level up quickly. When this level reaches 15, then you will have to start cutting the Oaks which are at the Varrock Palace and then sell them for a minimum price. Now when you will successfully reach the level 30 you will have to cut the willows and store these logs in the bank and then sell them. So within 270 hours, you can successfully get near about 99 woodcutting.
  2. Fire making: You can make the fire by adding the logs to the Fire. When you will be within 15 levels you will have to burn the normal log. It might be quite expensive but the beginning level will go very quickly. When you will be at a level lesser than 30 then you will have to burn the oak logs. From level 32-45 you will have to burn the willow logs which are completely cheap as well as fast. When you will reach level 45-50 you will have to burn the Maple logs that are also very cheap. Then from level 62-99, you will have to burn the yew logs. Now you will need 20 mils in order to reach level 99 with the yew.
  3. Fishing: It is also important to master the fishing because it is considered to be the basic skill for getting the food which you can eat by cooking them. So if you are interested in leveling up your fishing then you will need a lot of patience and time. Now you will have to go to the church and then start with fishing for crayfish. You can also opt for the free sample which you can get at the fish shop. If you are not interested in cooking it then you can easily drop the fish after fishing. Then you will have to start fishing the Salmon and Trout in order to level up to 20 and continue this method till you reach 99. In this way, you can also get a lot of food.
  4. Ranged: You should also master the ranged in order to attack the things from a great distance. It will also help you to increase your strength. If you are at the level of 40 then you need to wear the cool armor. You can get a lot of ammo but it is quite feeble. So you need to range for the chickens as they will never be able to hit you and you can collect feathers for gaining money.

Get more Runescape Gold can help you level up your skills too

Lets play old school runescape now

These are the few easy skills which you can easily level up with dedication. For playing the game you need to participate in various clans and complete the daily challenges in order to get the RuneScape gold which is considered to be the currency of this game.

You will have to keep upgrading everything in order to level up quickly and you should master all the skills and knowledge about all the places so that you can play like a professional.