How to run RuneScape with different levels of graphical detail

RuneScape is an online role-playing game based in a fantasy world with massive number of players taking part in the multiplayer game. Jagex is responsible for the development and publishing of the game and they released its first version in January 2001. With 3D rendering technology, the game is run on Java by the players and after the release of NXT in 2016, players can also play an offline version of the game programmed using C++. With more than 200 million accounts, this game has been recognized as the largest free massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) along with being the most updated game as well.

How to run RuneScape with different levels of graphical detail

Taking place in the world of Gielinor, players get to explore a fantasy world of medieval era with kingdoms, cities and regions. With a vast variety of quests and challenges along with customizable avatars, the game follows a non-linear story with player setting their goals and objectives by themselves. Players do not need to interact with other players for playing the game but they have the facility to participate in activities and games with them if they wish to.

An important factor while playing any online game is the graphic detail and internet speed. While higher levels of detail offer a more immersive experience, it also requires higher internet speed. Lower detail of graphics can be used by players to get a cleaner look and reduce the lag timing on computers which are less powerful in performance or have low speed internet connection.

RuneScape employs a graphics engine named “RuneTek 5” which is capable of providing support to various graphic platforms including DirectX and OpenGL along with video game consoles while enabling graphical effects including bloom lighting, sky boxes and Z-buffering during gameplay. The version of the game with high details incorporates acceleration of the hardware for being rendered through DirectX or Java OpenGL.

Due to vast variety of hardware used by players to access the game, the developers have provided the option to extensively change and modify graphics settings. Within the game UI, players can access the graphics settings through the “Option” tab or via “Game Settings”.

In the graphics tab, players can toggle the graphics quality between Min, Low, Mid and High or choose Custom to personally adjust the graphics. Below these options, players can also manage a variety of lighting and gameplay effects through the “Advanced” section. To the right, players have the option to change the screen size of the game between using entire area of browser window, only using a predefined screen area or using the whole monitor’s area.

The high detail settings offer brilliant quality at the rate of 40 to 50 frames per second and are recommended to be run on a processor with minimum capability of Intel i5 along with a good graphics card using more than 4 gigabytes of RAM.

runescape low graphical

The mid graphic settings require lesser processor and graphics requirement with medium graphic settings through medium particle configuration and low water detail along with static shadows while running the game between 35 to 50 frames per second.

Low detail gaming mode needs only 2 gigabytes of RAM and a normal processor for running the game smoothly at 20 to 30 frames per second which is equal to the frame rate of normal videos.

The safe mode graphics are the minimum level of graphics requiring to be rendered from the CPU directly through “Safe Mode” and using minimum hardware and a frame rate of 5 to 20 frames per second. Other than these preset modes, players can use the custom mode as per personal preferences. They can further change advanced graphic settings such as display mode(OpenGL or DirectX), water detail, lighting detail, brightness, ground decoration, flickering effects, fog, shadows along with many other options for getting the best graphical detail according to their individual requirement for improving the gaming experience.

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