king glory

Shanghai, a well-known high school teacher told reporters that a night at the login account, the students know almost accounted for four or five class; Jing’an District, a public school third grade student deer told reporters that more than 30 people in the class , Nearly 20 people playing “King glory”, the students also set up a special micro-credit group for this purpose.

king glory the game

“Reporter learned that, according to Tencent browsing index and internal research analysis, 12 years of age players accounted for about 3.62%, 13 to 17 years old players accounted for about 14.50%.” According to estimates, about 36 million primary and secondary school students to participate in this game. Players can spend money to buy the hero’s “skin”, just by virtue of this one profit point, let the “king glory” become the world’s most profitable game. Recently, Tencent announced the “king of glory” in the first quarter operating income of about 60 billion yuan, it is estimated that this game can bring more than 3.6 billion yuan for the profit of Tencent Holdings.

In this regard, many primary school principals feel stunned. They pointed out that the game home page marked “This online game is suitable for users over 16 years of age”, in fact, the game designer did not put a good age off, there are still many children under 16 years of age into the game. So far, not the real name of the registered account can still “play” the game.

Play the game in order not to be isolated?

Primary and secondary school students on the “king of glory” green eyes have, not only because the experience of the game feel better. There are also many students that rely on the game, from the social needs of students. One student explained: “I am not a keen” king glory “students.I want to say is that in the school this melting pot, all people are playing this game, if you do not play, you will appear And other people out of tune, others talk about the content you do not understand, there will be a feeling of being isolated.

Tencent vice president Yao Xiaoguang has said that as a social phenomenon level game, can no longer just “game” concept to understand the “king of glory“, it has become a new social way. There are also experts in the field of games that students for the game’s keen, but also with the self-realization of a sense of interest. He said that the domestic primary and secondary students in the 18-year-old into the university before the majority of people’s life path planning by the parents to complete, few have their own goals and through self-effort to achieve the goal of a sense of accomplishment. In the virtual network game, such a self-realization is very clear.

king glory is the best mobile game in china now

But some primary school principals said that primary and secondary school students self-control is poor, waste in the game time is increasing, will affect the academic and even parent-child relationship.

Social and personality education should be done in real life

“00 after 10, the child’s childhood has their own model, and parents are familiar with the childhood model has long gone.” East China Normal University Department of Chinese Associate Professor Xu Mo Fan that the virtual game is part of modern life, blindly To be isolated, neither necessary nor realistic. Even adults, every day through WeChat, e-mail and other virtual channels and communication and communication time is far beyond the real life. In this case, the parents must first understand this change in order to correctly guide children to communicate with each other, the formation of a complete personality and personality.

“Social” has become the current education process is often strengthened in the concept of experts in the view, the so-called social education, mostly refers to the public education, to provide students with a certain space and platform to help them form a group of mutual exchange. Jingan District Family Education Guidance Center Director Chen Xiaowen that if the child can not get a positive experience in real society, then he is likely to dwelling in the virtual society can not get out. He said: “This is not a social problem, but the education problem, more parents should reflect on the way and method of education.

Shanghai University sociology professor Hu Shisheng said that school education and family education, to increase the “face to face” opportunities, especially in family life, parents must first set an example, do not have to play in front of the child phone, brush micro letter, but More communication with children. Encounter the child indulge in the case of mobile games, not the authority of unreasonable way to force the child and the game of the split, but through more than parent-child interaction and other methods to find the child’s other points of interest.

School education can not “social and social”, the campus of social education in fact in the invisible. “It is social education,” said Dong Haijia, president of Fudan University. “For example, the group discussion, the game between the children and so on, are the social education, and the opportunity to create teamwork and increase the participation and participation of the child team.

Related experts also suggested that the promotion of online games for hierarchical management system to reduce the ignorant children premature contact with online games.