xperia touch projector

At the MWC 2017 conference, Sony announced the new projector computer Xperia Touch, this computer will support PS4 remote control app and make users can play PS4 use streaming .

The computer is equipped with an ultra-short focal projector that can project a 23-80 inch screen and a sensor that recognizes touch operation on the projection screen, allowing multiple players to touch games and applications that are projected on walls or desks.

Sony xperia touch projector

As early as last year’s CES2016, this device will be “Xperia Projector” name exhibitors, projection equipment and a combination of flat. The device ontology is equipped with an Android system that can download and install APP and games from Google Play alone.

Sony xperia touch projector

In addition, this device also supports PS4 remote control play. Since this is a projection device, it is also possible to project the PS4 game screen on the desktop.

The product is also equipped with a Google voice assistant – can achieve voice control, through high-definition camera for Skype dialogue. With the help of a human detection sensor, the projector can be woken up by gestures, and can be switched when the presence of someone around it, and the data display is adjusted.

Sony xperia touch projector

The Xperia Touch will be available in Europe in the spring of 2017 at a price of € 1599.