The Benefits of Buying Warspear Gold Online

Warspear is an amazing online game that is free to play. The game features wizard duels, collectible card magic as well as far off worlds that is interesting to play for players of all ages, but especially kids. The game lets you create a student wizard to help save the wizard city and explore other places in the world.

As aforementioned, the game is absolutely free to play. As a wizard, you can complete Wizard City and visit other places using individual zones or membership can be unlocked via Pay by Zone. You only need to sign up and start playing.

That is not all, the game comes with new special bundles and they come with some goodies for your wizard. For instance, you can own your Gauntlet to duel with your pals. Alternatively, you can choose the Majestic Bundle with is elegant Winter Winds castle as well as the Arthurian Dragon Mount.

You will also get enough warspear gold to help you advance to other stages smoothly. However, for many players, they often assume resell is a bad thing in this game, and they say it is just like scamming in Warspear.

However, little do they know that resell is the easiest way to make gold because you need to have enough gold to purchase items, especially when prices shoot up. However, you need to exercise patience sometime, as it may take some time to raise cash to get your item. There are a number of items you can resell.

You can easily sell them because everyone plays the game, if they have to repair the stuff. They are not ready for spam at trade chat or world chat to get repair. They approach a dealer directly and purchase a item at a cheaper price.


You can easily sell your teleport at a good price. However, rich players are the ones who can afford the teleport, although sometimes, others can purchase depending on the circumstances.

Life scrolls

Life scrolls become highly sort after when guild point of dungeon completion shoots up or when a dungeons drop rate so players with 10 pic or 3 pic mostly.

Seekers Stamina

This will depend on your circumstances, just like the life scrolls. However, this can help you double up your profit. The best thing to do is to purchase several set when it is too cheap, and then sell it when the prices go up.

Book of oblivion

This is also an ideal item to resell. However, you should not purchase the item as bulk because it won’t fetch you good money.


Pocket is also a great item to resell, but they are not as marketable as before.

Damage spears

They are ideal to resell. Its prices increase when there is a sign of in-perishability at the store.

Sign of imperishability

This is the same as damage spears, when damage spears at the store, the sign price is likely to increase as well.

Surprise chest

This is one of the best item to resell. Most players tend to purchase them when they become bored in the game. Therefore, you should always check the vendor to confirm the price of the chest and wait for the best time to resell the chest.


Most players do not like to destroy the mobs to get the drops and sell to the store. Because this method is not appealing to some players, but it is an incredible way to make more gold in Warspear. Also, it is ideal for blue quest as it can help you get not only gold, but also amazing experience.


Hunting bosses may earn you a lot of money very fast. For instance, if you get a drop such as costumes from spawn or faceless, this is because their costumes are not only hard to find, but they are very rare. Alternatively, you can solo hunt Norlant bosses to achieve level 13 drops. You can also design resources to amplify crystals or spears.

Helping others

Sometimes, at world chat, you can see the need to kill a boss or complete a quest or even help others. This is also another great way of making some gold, because you may be given as gifts.