Among the fifa 18 rumors and news that you want know is the return of ‘The Journey’ with new storylines and characters. The Ultimate Team, which is the squad-building mode, will see some improvements and enhancements. The Journey first appeared in fifa 17, and it allowed fans to play as the immense talent that is Alex Hunter. Up to ten million gamers participated, and the franchise has decided to expand the series. What’s unclear is whether we shall see the return of Alex Hunter. What we know is that fifa 18 promises to deliver an emotionally engaging and connected gaming experience.

The Cover Star of FIFA 18

fifa 18 cover star

With regards to who will be on the cover of fifa 18, EA sports has left the decision to fans of the game. The choices were whittled down to a few players, and now it’s up to fans to decide the football star they’d like to see on the cover. There is strong suspicion that the cover star will be Anthony Martial after his images appeared on some pictures of officially licensed products.

Early Footage

Nintendo Japan recently released a commercial on their YouTube channel, and it features what appears to be the very first footage of fifa 18. Since EA executive Peter Moore confirmed that the franchise is creating a custom version of the game for the Nintendo Switch, we can assume what is contained in the commercial is the very first footage of fifa 18.

Expected Changes

new changes in fifa 18

Every new version of the FIFA video game sees some changes, and we expect the same for fifa 18. The video graphics will be improved, and we can also expect to see some changes that fans have suggested. According to fans, they want to see new goal celebrations because footballers have become very creative in how they celebrate their goals. So we might just see Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingaard doing the dab. We’d also like to see Douglas Costa taking selfies with the fans.

New Game Engine

frostbite engine

Fifa 18 is now on Frostbite, which is the new engine that was first used on FIFA 17. The engine was developed by dice and is used on popular video games like Battlefield. This engine is capable of stunning graphical feats, and this means more details and sharper images in the video game. However, graphical glitches we saw in fifa 17 will need to be fixed, and we’re sure the game developers are working hard to fix them.


fifa 18 switch version?

Some of the platforms on which you will be able to play fifa 18 include the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. And thanks to the Japanese commercial, we now know that the game can be played on the Nintendo Switch.

Price and Release Date

Fifa 18 will most likely be among the best-selling games in 2017, and the EA Sports franchise is likely to be on top of the charts after the launch. The release date will most certainly be around the beginning of September 2017, which will give EA Sports enough time to adjust their teams based on player transfers. Last but not least, fifa 18 rumors and news that you want know is pricing and fifa 18 is likely to cost $60. Hope this post can make you know more about FIFA 18 game.