h1z1 vs pubg

Looking for a fast shooting, mission packed high graphics game to pass time on after a long day at work, or play during the weekend with your crew? “PlayerUnknown’s Battleground” and H1K1: King of The Kill” the hottest games out. They both boast quality and challenging, yet enjoyable missions like the exceptional “Call of Duty” type. So, which is better? Player’s Unknown or H1Z1: Kotk? First off, it’s key to note that both games are very new. Just released this year, 2017. Let me take you through the games specifics, pros, cons and the verdict.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG)
PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, as I’ll refer to as PUBG hereon, is a first-person shooter multiplayer on live survival game, developed by game giants, Bluehole Inc. Bluehole is the gaming company responsible for Tera’, another multiplayer role playing game. PUBG was released just a little over a month ago, on March 2017, and is specifically developed for Microsoft Windows platform. However, it is important to note that the game isn’t available on Microsoft’s Xbox store.

Game Play.
All levels of the game start with about a hundred players dropping from the air on a plane using parachutes, to an island, without any gear. It is up to the players to scavenge for gear, weapons, vehicles an ammunition from deserted buildings and wrecks around the island, while avoiding taking fire from other players. Like most mission assault games, players killed in action can be looted for weapons.

After every five minutes, the safe area shrinks to a smaller radius, randomly on the map, and players have to run to this safe zone or risk being terminated. The game is a fast paced one, as areas of the battleground are randomly bombed, keeping players on toes. Take a look at the game’s test run. I bet you’ll like it.

The game comes with skill levels, enabling even the most basic player to kick off in action, and advances in difficulty level.
The game story is interesting and fast paced, so you are definitely in for a rush.

The game is only available on Microsoft Windows. One would expect the game to also be available on Xbox store, as it is affiliated with Microsoft Windows, but this is not the case.

H1Z1: King of the Kill
H1Z1 is also a multiplayer survival death match first-shooter game developed by Daybreak Game Company, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It initially was released for Microsoft Windows as an early access back in February 2016, with updates running throughout to date. Release dates for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are yet to be announced.

Players fight against each other in solo or team based matches. You start the game by dropping from the air using a parachute, scavenge for gear, weapons and ammunition and start surviving. The aim is to be the last man standing, thus the name, “King of The Kill”. The missions are chaotic, with every player looking out for himself, and avoiding taking fire from the other. As expected, it holds common mission assault game features like fast paced shooting, amour looting, and survival tactics. An interesting feature of this is that there’s a level where one kills Rogue zombies. Interesting huh?

The game is available on three platforms, Ms Windows, Play station 4 and Xbox one, leaving the players spoilt for choice.

The early release was full of bugs, which lead to major updates. If you already own the game, you’ll have to invest on large Wi-Fi packages to install the update.

Both games are relatively new, but with all new games, there’s always more to what meets the eye. The missions are more or so the same, with H1Z1 coming at the top with the Rogue Zombies level. Both games are at par, but H1Z1’s availability on more platforms is definitely a huge plus.